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Over the past three years, the Too Fly Foundation has provided passports and travel grants to over 150 students in underserved communities, wishing to study or volunteer abroad. We understand that travel can be a privilege—financially and mentally. Too Fly Foundation was started to bridge that gap and provide resources and opportunity. We believe that the gift of travel can transform the minds and creativity of young people. Research continues to show that travel makes students more likely to seek and stay in higher education, take on more leadership roles and be role models of advocacy and empathy.

It is our mission to mold and transform the next generation of leaders and global change agents. Below we share more on how we continue to accomplish just that!

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Jordan of Harlem, New York, College Junior

“First off, I am super appreciative to have been a Too Fly Sponsor recipient.

By solely having your foundation sponsor my trip, I have been encouraged because I know that people believe in me and support my growth as a young black man. Somebody believes in me enough to give money to help me gain this new experience. I thank your organization for that.

This trip has personally impacted me because I’ve now been exposed to a new type of lifestyle that I couldn’t have seen in America. There was a point where I associated being poor with being sad and angry. I didn’t think that people could be poor and happy. In Ghana the majority of people don’t have nearly as much as I have at home.

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I still went places where poverty was rampant but people are still hopeful and on their grind every day. They are still singing and dancing and playing. I couldn’t understand why. But I know that I am privileged now. Just being in America I have more opportunity to gain wealth. I also, learned that with my situation, I should never complain about not having enough or wanting more. So going on this trip, I’ve become more grateful for my situation. If the people in Ghana can be happy and fun loving and kind while not having the luxuries that I have here at home, I should have a higher outlook on everything because of the riches that I have here in America.

I’ve learned I’ve been selfish to ever say that I’m hungry or to envy people for having more than me. After this experience and what I went through in Ghana I am making the effort to show more gratitude for my blessings. Also, because I saw people still working to make better for themselves, I’ve recognized that with as much that I have, I am better equipped to help myself and other people who are less fortunate. Being back in the states, I want to spend some time learning how I can use my comparative wealth to make the lives of those who aren’t as well off, better. When I graduate from school, I would like to invest some of my efforts into traveling and helping out where I can to

Another feature of many Ghanaians that I noticed was the selfless ingenuity of their entrepreneurship. We got to visit an incubator called the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST) for some brilliant entrepreneur’s. We got to sit in on some of their business proposal practices. I noticed that most of the business ideas that they presented were directed to help people whether individually or Africa as a whole. None of them were for selfish profit.

Again, I want to thank too fly for believing in me and my cohorts to grant us money to have this experience. The shirts we got were “Too Fly” also. You believing that I am worth your donation has boosted my confidence. Knowing that I am worth the support has helped me realize my own potential to do great things; and I will. I will be a great representative for your foundation and I’m eternally grateful.”

Enajia of Brooklyn, New York, 8th Grade

I would like to start off with a big thank you to both IYLI and the Too Fly Foundation for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime.This experience was so impactful and has left an everlasting mark on my life and thought process .It was a blessing to have been able to interact with the Senegalese students, their families and see such a beautiful country and all it had it offer. Senegal is a beautiful country with so much to offer to its people and the world. During the Summer Heritage Program we spoke with NGOs who partook in solar energy efforts around Senegal.

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They all spoke on how Senegal could basically be run solely on renewable energy .It was fascinating to me because I was in the country and able to see all the things that could have been used to be entirely self - sufficient. The information sparked a new hope in me for a country that was not my own . Simply because each seminar was backed up with facts and experiences it all just fascinated me .I loved to see people who looked like me want to help their country become so much bigger,better and healthier. Along with this newfound fascination I gained a good amount of frustration with the hesitation by the government to use the beneficial alternative to their current power system. The NGOs said the government didn’t always like the idea of solar energy because it was more expensive and took a lot of maintenance.

Though these two things are true, This is an opportunity for more jobs and .The price for the solar panels could be paid for by taxes and the taxes could pay for the maintenance causing it to become a stable government jobs . Another thing that bothered me was while the government didn’t want to pay extra or have the people pay extra for solar energy they had no problem letting the French come and literally build solar panels on Senegalese soil and use that energy and charge the people for that energy .The government is stopping the country from becoming what I believe a global superpower .By not having to import so many goods and exporting whatever it is they export they’d be able to get so far.

We also learned about healthcare and one of the other Senegalese fellows and I worked on three seminars together to present to the other students and group leaders. The process of doing these seminars helped me so much as a student when it comes to time management and effort because it shows when you have put effort into what you are presenting and it shows you know what you are talking about .It has made me more confident in presenting my projects at school,and since the Summer Heritage Program i’ve had a lot of work to do since I am a senior this year and I have wanted to procrastinate because it's something I had practiced a lot back home but I noticed a change in my work when I give myself the proper time to do my work that i’m always more satisfied with my work.



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